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Has anybody here used a Digital Rebel XTi (aka 400D) with studio lights? What was your experience/any advice?

I have a Canon EOS 400D (aka Digital Rebel XTi) and need to take some product shots at work using studio lights. I understand there are 2 ways to approach this.. 1) with a PC sync cable or 2) wirelessly.

I figure a wireless setup is safer for the camera, as Ive read the voltage of the studio lights may damage the camera's electrics. The lights we will be hiring are bowens. The max distance from the camera to the lights will be approx 10 feet. Can anybody shed any light on this subject of the light's voltage effecting the camera and if wireless will avoid this hazard?

*Also if I attach an 'ebay radio slave' to the 400D, will this successfully trigger the studio lights off? (without a hot shoe adapter attached) Please note: the 400D body does not a pc sync cable plug built in.

I understand I will need a hot shoe adapter WITH A PC sync cable plug to connect the camera to the lights, as the camera does not have a PC sync cable plug. Are there any other things I need to consider with this setup?

Any advice much appreciated!!!

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WIRELESS - means no wire so any potential high-voltage from the studio light can not make its way back to affect the camera low-voltage circuitries

WITH A CABLE - you create an electrical path from the camera to the light, in which case you can use a SAFE-Sync device. This device electrically isolates the high-voltage connecting cable to the camera: http://www.weinproducts.com/safesyncs.htm
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thanks for the link! I couldnt get one of those safesynce adaptors intime before the product shoot, I spoke to a guy who hired me the lights (2 x Bowens Esprit Gemini 500Ws Heads) and he said a regular hotshoe adaptor should be ok.

I crossed my fingers, and used it, and the shoot turned out fine, (fired off about 200 shots over a couple of hours) but I have since ordered one of the 'SAFE' adaptors just to eliminate any potential voltage issues for next time.
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