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I am about to buy my first muslin and I am wondering if brand matters, and if so, what is a decent brand? I can't afford the best brand.

The local stores around here only sell Wescott, so I am assuming they are a good brand, however they cost like $150 for a 10x12. I would like to keep my price under $75. I see a lot under that at bhphoto.com, but I don't wanna get total crap after I order it. Any ideas?
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I have bought from backdrop outlet with good results.

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I've bought items from "Photography Stuffs" and the products have been excellent:
I did not get any of their backgrounds though.

Amovna sells inexpensive drops but quality seems to vary a lot , they have an ebay store:

I have several 10*24's from http://www.timwestbackgrounds.com/
and they have all been excellent.

And there is the old standby Denny's http://www.dennymfg.com/

A thing to watch for is if they are washable. Some are, many are not.

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