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Default Studio Flash and Canon G2

Is there a way to connect studio flash to G2?
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Get an ISO to PC adapter. If your sync voltage is low, as with Alien Bees or new Novatron equipment, you can use a generic one or the Nikon AS-15 which has a secure threaded connection. If your equipment has high sync voltage or you aren't sure you can use a Wein/Mamiya safe sync and kill two birds with one stone but protect your camera. That unit also has the Nikon threaded PC connetor. You could also use the built in flash to fire a slave. I'm not sure but I think you can turn off the G2's pre-flash in manual mode so you can use a standard slave rather than one specifically made for digicams.
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Did you manage to sync the G2? I'm about to buy either the G3 or the S40. Prefer the S40 for size but must be able to connect it to my studio flash via light cell/slave whereas, I assume, the G2 would be easier??? Anyone manged to connect the S30/40 to external flash??
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The Canon S40 has no provision for sync connection so you have to use a slave. You'll need a digital compatible slave like the Digislave SA-10 or the less expensive Wein digital peanut slave. The G2 has an ISO hot shoe so you can connect with an ISO to PC adapter or any number of wireless systems. If you want to talk to someone with a G2 in studio use I can put you in touch with someone on another board who is using his with a pocket wizard wireless system.
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The answer is yes, and I answer this question for all of those who are using the digicam P/S, which have the hot -shoe (built-in)on top of the camera for use with hot-shoe, flash. As Padeye pointed out from the above, the Nikon AS-15 is the best device to convert your hot-shoe to the PC socket (this one works with all P/S camera with hot-shoe, this is the best one, about $19 at BHphoto.com), and then you will connect the PC synchro cord to the master flash. There are a few things (or tasks) you need to consider to exercise:

You need to set your camera as manual mode (M mode), meaning you need to set the shutter speed and aperture yourself, the recommended shutter speed for larger studio system (other than standard hot-shoe flash) is 1/60, of course you can experiment to use faster shutter speed, but for the safe side, start as 1/60. You will need a flash meter to determine the correct exposure, to simplify the process, set your meter at shutter priority mode with shutter speed set at 1/60, fire the flash using cord on non-cord procedure, the meter will display the recommended F-stop, set your camera Shutter speed/F-stop combination base on the meter reading. Then shoot, check the result on or LCD; them make any adjustment to fit your taste (the final result).

One more thing, be sure to set your ISO manually too, so the camera doesn't automatically change the ISO value base on the lighting condition, ISO setting must be the same on both camera and the flash meter as well.

If you are using two lights, one master (key light), and the slave (fill light), you can adjust the lighting ratio by moving or reduce the power of the fill light, if you are using only one light, use reflector, white or silver to fill in for the shadow.

Good luck
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I have a dumb newb question. What does the Nikon AS-15 actually do? How do you hook it up? How does it work?

I have a G3 and would like to sync it up with lighting to attempt to take some portraits.
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The Nikon AS-15 is a Sync Terminal Adapter (Hot Shoe-PC). It enables the connection of flash sync cords fitted with standard PC-type connector to your G3 via the built-in hot shoe (the one where you connect your external flash). You can now trigger you're G3 and you're strobes simultaneously just like with a Pro dSLR! :-)
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