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:?Iphotographed a family tonight in my home studio. I made the unfortunate error of leaving my camera in program mode (which I have never done before.) My lights weremetered at an average of f8 and individually f5.68. The camera set itself at 1/90 and f5.6. I usually set it at 1/60 and f8. Does anyone know if these photos might turn out or what would happen with these settings?? I know I just need to print them but I was hoping to hear from someone tonight. Please help if you can! Thanks! Brooke
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I would guess that they will be slightly overexposed (even though you used a larger f-stop, you also used a shorter shutter speed). If you shot as RAW images, I would think they could be easily recovered.
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With studio strobes the shutter speed would not make any difference in the exposure. A studio strobe's flash duration is extremely short (1/2000 sec aprox.).

All your shots are probably overexposed because of the fstop that you used. If you shot RAW, you could recover by 2 fstops max. If you did not shoot RAW you might be able to recover 1 fstop.

With a good digital imaging software program, you might be able to save some of the shots if not all of them. I highly recommend PaintShopPro 9.
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At 1/90 F5.6 you probably picked up some ambient light as well :lol:. Depending on the camera, strobe sync can be set around 1/250 to prevent that.

Saying that you are only about 1 stop out, recovery may be possible with a bit of work.

Good luck.

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As long as your camera can sync at 1/90th I think you will be just fine if you are printing yourself. Please let us know how they turn out.
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