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I've been a photographer for a long time, and grew up with Speedotrons and the like for product photography. I have recently had the opportunity to work with compact fluorescent and HMI Continuous lighting. I find them highly effective, and very easy to use. I was wondering why these lights are not highly recommended in this forum. To see what I m talking about, visit the following pages:



These lights really work for me, and I was wondering what your cons are.

Thanks in advance for your replys.
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Use them all the time:-), both CFL's and halogens. Quite a few people here make use of them.
  • Pros, you can see what you as shoosting. [/*]
  • easy to meter without an expensivish flash meter. [/*]
  • Inexpensive [/*]
  • easy to find bulbs.
  • Cons, Odd color casts, not much issue anymore with digital [/*]
  • halogens are hot(very) [/*]
  • limited light output, when compared to packsfrom ProfottoandSpeedotron BlackLine [/*]
Alsoless fun, as they don't pop circuit breaker relays and put you in the dark like a 2400 blackline on fast cycle.


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Have used the Profoto HMI lights with the scanning backs and found that the color would shift when capturing. I was generating very large files and required a lot of light. HMI lights did hep. The bulbs were very.very expensive. I used to pay around $180 per bulb. Not familiar with the brand you have links to. As far as 7000 hours I don't think so. The Phillips bulbs were rated for around 5000. I managed to get around 600. The fluorescent lights are great for copy work. Since switching to strobe based digital I feel like the old days with film, except that I have to constantly keep up with the cost of the equipment. I have 7 Macs in my studio, several different backs and SLR's. Stick with strobe better in the long run.
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