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i also would nto like to spend a fortune , i am a member of a watch forum and we share pics of our watches and i take many , i have the casio z 750 and the box i use now is a 14X14 card board box and i cut hole in top and two sides and put the covers in a floourescent light fixter over the holes and put 100 wat day light bulb on top but it still leaves glares and shadows on the watche s, can someone help me out here please?
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Try tupperware. It may diffuse the light a little better compared to your light covers.

Here is a manufacturer of commercial products for this use:


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Hi there,

I sell watches on Ebay and found the following suggestion in the Ebay members forums.
Find a large (ish) white plastic container - car wash, shampoo or similar.
Ideally it should have its opening centred in the top and be translucent and not too dense. Cut off the bottom and place over your 'subject (on the surface/background of choice) fit the camera lens through the opening (surgery possibly required here) and shoot your pics using flash. (Your flash will of course be outside the container) The container will diffise your light and also reflect it evenly off the inside of the container.
I have not yet tried this, i'm still looking for ideal container.
I hope this 'cheap' solution will be of interest to you.
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