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What is the minimum wattage (for Flash units) should I be looking for in a small Studio setting...say two umbrella setup? Looking at using it mainly for closeup shots, but also portraits.
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As watts is the product of volta and amps and we do not know the current flow thru the strobe tube, we use guide numbers. When using brolly`s, a reasonable GN for two studio flash`s would be 90 each.
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you should also ask what is the maximum.

Most studio lights can be reduced in power, 1/2, 1/4 power, etc. but the range is sometimes quite limited, and you may find you have too much power, even at the lowest setting, forcing you to use f16 or more, when you'd rather be using f5.6 or 8. (You said it would be used for portraits.)

Being a small studio setting, the lights are closer, and thus need less power. I use 300j (or w/s, same thing) lights with adjustment down to 1/8th and they suit me from close living room portraits to full length lighting. Could do with being a little bit dimmer at very close range, but I'm ok with the compromise.
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