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Before I went digital I did film portraiture using studio lights and a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 light ratio. Now that I shoot digital using the Nikon multiflash system ( 1 SB 800 and1 600). Can I establish light ratios with my D70s? How is it done? Thank you for any help you give me.
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Yes you can, You can meter the flash with a meter and use manual orYou can Turn one of the flash outputs down and use TTL. If you have a D200 or D70 you can use the pop-up flash as a master and the 800 as a main and the 600 as a fill. or any combo you need to do.

I have used the pop-up as my main and one off camera flash as a fill and another as a hair light. All using TTL with great success.

I rarely ever need to use My studio lights anymore unless I'm doing a high pay portrait and I need to let the client think they are getting a lot for their money. The more gizmo's you can show off the more you can charge.

Unless I need a tremendous amount of light the Nikon speedlights do as good or better then the studio's.

Nikon has a DVD vidio that is very good featuring Joe McNally that shows a lot of what can be done using SB-600 & SB-800 speedlights. It is well worth buying if you want to use speedlights in place of studio strobes. I got mine from:

www.nikonusa.com at the nikon store.


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Thanks so much for your response to my question re light ratios with digital flash. Your information is just what I was looking for! I will check with Nikon regarding the DVD. Thanks again.


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