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sid369 Dec 5, 2006 10:13 AM

Hello everyone,

I am new to Photography and do't know much about it. However, I saw some HDR pcitures and was really amazed by it. I am planning to buy the canon S3. So my question is can I use the S3 and photomatix to get the HDR pciture. Do I also need to have Photoshop, or having photomatix will be sufficient. Also if anyone could post any links where I could find some tutorials of learning how to make an HDR image.


Boily Dec 5, 2006 12:46 PM;forum_id=78

You should be ok with the s3 and photomatix !!

granthagen Dec 5, 2006 6:58 PM

Hey, Sid, check this out:

Here is a complete HDR workflow using Photomatix and comparing this to using the Merge to HDR function in Photoshop CS2. The author still does some touch-ups of the Photomatix image in PS, but any competent editor will do.

The S3 seems to be limited to recording in JPEG format, which is not as good for HDR work as 16 bit TIFF would be, but, you can certainly do it.

I've used the trial version of Photomatix Pro and it does a pretty good job. My main complaint about it is the price. But, if you plan to do a lot of HDR and don't have PS CS2, it's probably worth it. I can manually combine images in PS7 and get results that are pretty close to what Photomatix does, but the manual route takes ten times longer!

Download a trial version! I think you'll have fun!


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