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hi there, when I use my sony f828 with the shutter open for more than a second, in daylight, all i get is white.. iso is 64...to make the "film"need more light... aperture sets itself when in shutter priority mode..

what I am trying to do, is capture a coloured fountain, with moving sprays during the day... what am I doing wrong..? at low dusk it works well. thanks for your time
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Since you're decreasing the aperture and lengthening the shutter exposure time, it's taking in too much light. Not familiar with the Sony F828, but if you can manually set both aperture and shutter, you can up the aperture a few f-stops higher than in shutter priority mode.

Another solution is to purchase a neutral density filter, it'll decrease a bit of the ambient light, and allow you to take photos a few f-stops lower without too much brightness. They're generally pretty cheap, even those made by Hoya/Tiffens etc.
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What would you use (currently I'm using a Canon S1 IS) to get a picture of the sun (no, I wouldn't need to have it fill the frame) that's motion-blurred (at least 4 sun-widths, preferably more) and at least 4 (preferably more) stops underexposed (assuming it's spot metered on the sun)?
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