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You being so desperate to photograph "her" at night without being seen has made me VERY curious.....
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Frangible wrote:
... I don't know any way of converting lux to stops, though. It should be possible in theroy given the distance, however, to solve. ...
I don't know how to do the conversion either, but it does not depend on distance from the camera to the subject. As an example, the moon is an object in full sunlight and the proper exposure is close to the "Sunny f/16" rule. Unless the light is well collimated, it will depend on the distance between the light source and subject.
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You need to stop asking those types of questions here.
You do not seem to be seriously into photography and getting answers to photography related questions. Take those types of questions to a forum where people that spy on women at night can actually answer them. DO NOT ASK THEM HERE. You are merely annoying people with your questions trying to fufill some wierd fantasies about your so-called friends. Ask them to pose for you and you may have more success, sneaking around will only put them off more. Having read the PM you sent me a few weeks ago, I know what you really want to do from these "photos" you are trying to take. And, NO MATTER WHAT, IT ISNT POSSIBLE!!! Fufill your voyeuristic fantasies somewhere else, dont degrade what Steve is doing here by asking questions you KNOW there are no answers to.
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You have been asking similar questions that you are obviously smart enough to realize there is no answer to for a while now; and the subject is disturbing (especially in the context of some of your pastwriting indicating more specifically what types of photos you're interested in).

Take it somewhere else.

Jim C.

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