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I like to take pictures of my children asleep, and need to know a good way to take crisp pictures in very low light. I don't mind using the flash... the main problem is with focus. Is there a cunning means by which I can focus in very low light.

My camera is a Kodak c360. I've tried using landscape mode, but that doesn't work too well. Night scenes don't work too well either, as the light level appears to be too low for the camera to focus.


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well I am not familiar with your camera, but one thing is certain on lower end this kind of picture will be hard to get. You will need to set your ISO to highest, or one of the highest possible (depends if it is 800 or more) it will create some digital noise on the picture but it is the only chance to take a picture in this kind of enviroment.

Using a tripod would make it easier because you can use longer exposure and by doing so the camera will get more light.

Good Luck
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Thanks for the tip. i think the ISO goes to 400.

You have mentioned the term ISO... this is something I am trying to understand together with other photographic argot (f-stops, asa, depth of field, etc). Do you know of any site that could help a fool like me? Ideally something with practical examples?

I'm more used to photo manipulation than pure photography.

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One trick you canan use, with camerasthat lackenough sensivity to lock, in very low light. Is to pre focus, where you do have light.

Pick something in a lighted areaabout the same distance away you plan on taking your picture at, focus on it, and hold your shutter button at the half point. The amount of exposure is not affected when using flash, the camera does that according to the flash output.

I have used this trick on many ocassions, where I could not get enough light to get a lock. But be sure it is at the same distance, plus or minus a few inches.

Pardon the double blunder, I did not get a good lock on it. :-)
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