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Default 50d 15 mp t2i 18mp

I am trying to decide which camera to go with:

I shoot alot of concert indoors / outdoors

Which camera should I get: 50d or T2i both are in my price range.

50D 15 MP T2I 18MP

Any comments?
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If you need it soon, get the 50D, as the T2i may not be out till april or may. If weight is a concern the T2i or T1i if you need it sooner.

I doubt that you will see much IQ difference between the 50D and T2i. As the 7D and 50D photos are very close in IQ. Also you will be paying full msrp for the T2i as it will be new. This was the case with the T1i last year. Did not get any real discount till oct of last year a full 5 months after it hit the store shelfs.
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one thing to caution, many concerts do not allow large dslrs in. unless you are talking local venues where you know they are ok, or you are hired on to do it. so just be aware of that from the start.

one thing the t2i offers the 50d doesn't is video. and that video offers even a built in stereo microphone jack, so it could allow you to get some decent footage of the concerts between still shots with good audio. it is also a little smaller and more discrete if that is an advantage for you.

but, the 50d offers a more robust magnesium chasis that can take more punishment and as well as more dedicated controls, rather than menu driven.
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Even with a press badge at indoor concerts you will have trouble getting in D-SLR with longer lenses unless the band or manager puts you a backstage or special seating list. Tried that last year twice and this summer with no luck. I have found I have more luck getting a camera into a sporting event with apress badge than a concert. Must be a copyrighht thing worried you'd make a HD video and sell it

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Originally Posted by Photo 5 View Post
...Must be a copyrighht thing worried you'd make a HD video and sell it
Actually, some venues are pretty protective of that type of thing, and video cameras are often frowned upon more, even at sporting events.

For example, even if you have a pit pass for the local speedway in my area (at least for main race season during the summer), you'd have a hard time getting a video camera in unless you're well connected to the track (even though they don't mind a dSLR). They even post signs that no video cameras are allowed for some of the events. Given the the increasing number of dSLR models that can shoot video, I can see that could be a problem sometime in the near future though (they may start barring dSLR models at some point, too).
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