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Hi Josh,

Get a Nikon SB800 flash and a Pro-T or Press-T Stroboframe bracket to hold it as well as a Nikon off camera flash cord. Your camera and the lens you have will work fine. Be sure to go to the rehearsal and take test shots so you will know where everyone will be standing. Ask where the flowers and stuff will be placed. Get as much pre-information as you can. I'm not sure how the noise level for your D50 is but with my D200 I shoot at ISO800 with no problems at all. I shoot Aperture prefered at F5.6 to F8 with center weight metering. The camera sets the shutter speed. Just remember to go to ISO 400 or 200 when you move outdoors for the outside shots depending on the sun.At the reception I still use a flash because most halls use flourasent lighting and with a flash you can easily compensate for the green cast. Make sure you have plenty of CF/SD cards to take a whole lot of pictures. An Extra charged up battery is a must have.I average about 800 to 1000 photos when I do a wedding and reception. Find out where the bride is dressing and get some pre-wedding shots of her getting ready. Do the groom if possable. If the groom is not available for pre-wedding shots just don't worry about it. The Bride is the important one to do. You can get a couple shots of the Groom and his party arriving at the church.

When doing the formal portraits after the ceremony don't be afraid to ask an aunt or uncle to help call on the people to photograph. They alyways are willing to help and they already know everyone. Give them a list of the order you want the people to line up and photograph. Don't forget to get with the Bride and ask what special photographs She wold like to have when making your list. Take a lot of pictures of each group you shoot. Don't forget to let a little time lapse between shots for the flash to recycle.

Doing a wedding is not really bad if you think things through and know what your camera can or can not do. Do your research, Know exactly what the Bride wants from you, ( and )you """WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN""" including a list of what you are to do.

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after it is all over and your nerves calm down , let us know how it went .i wish you the best of luck.
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Hi Josh,

Your question was asked awhile back so I don't know if the wedding has come or not.

Like you, I recently did of my niece's wedding. I'm no pro neither but have done many family photos so my niece was familiar with my shootings. Fortunately, there was another friend of the familythat was photographing too. So, there were the 2 of us in case1 fail.

If you're going to do a photo album for them, ask them for 1 or 2 extra wedding invitations and put 1 inside the album. If you're doing a photo CD, take a photo of the invitation and perhaps a shot with 2 rings on top of the invitation as well.

Here's some other tips I've learned:

1) It's hard for you to cover the whole wedding by yourself. Ask a friend or family member to help you out with the photography.Dont' stay in the same spot but rather be at 2 different angles.

2) Follow the bride wherever she goes! Take as many photos as you possibly can. There's no such thing as too many phots! It's a digital world, you don't lose any $$ by overdoing it. You can always delete what you don'twant laterbut you can't go back if you miss the shot.

3)Before the wedding, I requested my niece and her fianceto do a "slow motion" when theyexchange rings. This would allow the photographersnot to missTHE shot. Use "continous" mode if you can at this moment. Actually, I leftmy camera at"continous" mode throughout the wedding.

4) Later on, I found a nice table and asked them to put their hands on the table forthe rings shot. Have the bride's hand slightly over the groom's hand and thebride'sbouquet nearby their hands to add interest. Instead of a table, have their hands on the Bible if you can borrow one.

5) Find out a little in advance of the schedule and how the ceremony is done. It'd give you some ideas of what and when to shoot. If you can go to the rehearsal, that would give you some ideas. And, don't forget to snap a few photos at the rehearsal too.

6) Some photos you may want to shoot in the dressing room are: The bride's dress hunged, the bride's shoes, jewelries, while she's doing herhair & make up (mirror reflection shots are great at this moment),Bride with bridemaids, flower girls, etc. (have the bride sit on the floorwith flower girls sitting around), Bride with her mother, etc.

7) Many guests and relatives will come up to the bride & groom to congratulate and shake hands or give hugs. Don't miss out on these "Kodak" moments.

8) One precious moment that I was able to capture was when both the bride's mother and mother-in-law helped her tying up the dress train (back of her dress). This happened before the reception.

9) When the bride and groomgo into the limousine or whatevervehicle after the wedding, take a few photos of them before they close the door.

10) I agree w/everyones' suggestions,use aflash, even for outdoor and alarge aperture lens (small f number)is great for indoor shots. At the reception, I forgot to check on the flash battery. I didn't noticed when the battery ran out but usingmy 50mm f/1.8, I was able not tomiss any moment.

One advantage I found was since I was family, my niece seemed to be more at ease in front of the camera. She was free to askme to take shots of whateverand whenevershe wanted. I got some great memorable shots because of this.

Most of all, have fun along with the work and don't forget to be included in a few shots.
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