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Default Burst mode picture taking/recording

:?: BURST MODE RECORDING: This is a request for a sample of a BURST MODE - recorded picture.

I am deciding on buying my first digital camer. I am thinking about the Sony DSC-P2 or some other camera in the $200-400 range that has a BURST MODE feature. Those that can help me do not need explanation, nevertheless, here it goes: burst mode - as I understand it - allows taking 16 frames at 1/7th, 1/15th, or 1/30th sec intervals and records it as a single picture/file.

Is this suitable to analyze a golf swing or some other motion? How will it show? How can it be printed, etc. Does it give you the kind of sequenced photois that one often sees in sports books?

If you have this Sony or any other camera with a burst mode, please take a shot of something moving and post the picture or send it to me by e-mail.

This would be the real test before I purchase.

I thank you all for your time.

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burst mode is the amount of images capable of being shot before the buffer fills and stops the camera firing until enough of the buffer clears to continue firing.

my camera has the ability to shoot at approx 2-3 fps for 5 frames in RAW mode or 7 frames for extra fine. it will fire more at lower resolutions.

the important number is not the burst rate it is the frame rate or fps for what you want.

if you want to analyze a sports type situation look for a camera that has a UHS setting which while at lower resolution will expose at a rate of 7 fps. the res is good enough to do an analysis of what you need. 1/7 of a second is an awful long time in a golf swing. you need to slice that swing into smaller bits to truly check things out

mine can capture at a rate of 7fps on fine resolution upwards of 62 frames total in fine mode or 32 frames in extra fine mode.

i just shot a 22 frame setup of my daughter doing a cartwheel. if you want to see it its sort of large at 1MB compressed. 1/90sec at f5.6 each. send me your email address.
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Thanks for your comments.

This Sony (Cybershot DSC-P2) has the following specs (on the Steves-digicam site):

Multi burst: 16 - 320x240 frames recorded as parts of a single 1280x960 JPEG at 1/7.5, 1/15, 1/30 sec. selectable intervals.

Would this allow me to look at a golf swing or a movement of a skier in a turn?

Does this mean that this camera would either shoot:
7.5 fps for about 2 seconds, or
15 fps for about 1 sec, or
30 fps for about 1/2 second?

Am I interpreting this right? If so, this might do a decent job?


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i believe your readings are correct. the reason why is i believe they are using Quicktime movies and and taking each individual frame and laying them down in a sequence on paper. the frame rate of a QT movie is exactlly 15FPS at 320x240. these are rather small grainy but really fun sequences.

it is my opinion that there rather short and low res for any in depth analysis.

you need in my opinion at least 3 sec minimum of which you need to hit the shutter release, say go and the person to react and swing. for grab shots in wild (uncontrolled) situations if your good you'll capture parts of these situations unless you know exactly when it is about to occur.

the shots of my daughter were 1280x960 1/90sec at f5.6 and there were 22 of them
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Old Sep 8, 2003, 7:46 PM   #5
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Default canon = continuous

The Canon (I have an s50), can do continuous shooting,
At full resolution, it can burst about 11 frames, at ~2fps.

at slightly lower resolution(4megapixel ish) it can keep shooting until the compact flash runs out.

I've tested this, but stopped after 100 frames, as i'd proved the point to myself by then.

This is one of a number of reasons i decided to go for a Canon over sony.
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Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the burst mode by Sony takes much lower than standard resolution and stores all of the photos in a single frame. Burst mode on other cameras, such as Fuji and Olympus, take full resolution pictures at a high rate of speed, and store each picture separately.

IMHO, the best camera that will take the highest resolution photo the fastest for the type of analysis you requested is the Olympus E-100RS, which will take 1.5MP pics at up to 30fps. They don't make it any more, but you can find refurbished/used ones on eBay from time to time. I can take about 2fps with my camera, and the Fuji S602 takes pics even faster.

Bottom line? Make sure you aren't comparing apples to oranges. If 320x240 res pics in a single frame is good enough for your, then the Sony is the one for you; otherwise, consider that "burst mode" may mean different things from one manufacturer to another.
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