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Default Camera to snowboard with

Hi all you expert master photographers... I wanted to know if anyone knew of a camera that has the following qualities:

1)More resistant than normal to altitude and cold (Or have an optional accessory case that protects it)
2)Quick enough to capture action shots of me and my friends snowboarding
3)Small enough to carry easily while snowboarding (I am a good snowboarder, so I don't fall often, but it shouldn't be bulky)
4)I don't care much about the megapixels, I only intend on using them on my PC's photo album, it never has to go to paper.
5)I would like it to be digital, but I don't know if the speed is fast enough to pick up action shots of us snowboarding
6)better non-digital zoom would be a plus.
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Taking action shots is a matter of practice. You have to learn to track the object that you want to shoot. Go to this website for some insight: http://www.shortcourses.com/. The Olympus D490 or D510 might be what you are looking for. They have medal bodies and the lens is cover except when you are ready to take pics. You can find them on the web for less than $200. Check ou the prices at www.dealtime.com.
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I think I know the type of cam, but not model - so perhaps somebody else can help here. I've often thought that despite minor parallax issues, a lower cost 2 Mpix digicam with lens viewfinder and no lcd suits some applications. lcds can be sluggish when very cold, are fragile and consume lots of juice. I think I might also look into whether you need a UV filter for snow shooting. Stick to flash cards NOT micro-drives.
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Old Nov 13, 2002, 5:45 AM   #4
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Good tips from voxmagna - hope you don't mind me adding my own.

Remember that any batteries (Li-Ion in particular) don't like the cold. Even with a full charge you may find that the camera can't draw enough juice to take a shot. So always keep the batteries in a pocket close to your body heat until ready to use.

And I do mean just the batteries. Even if the camera you choose is small enough to keep in an inside pocket, you'll be risking condensation damage - particularly as Snowboarding is energetic enough to raise a sweat.

Might also be worth looking at a weatherprood enclosure for extra protection.
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Hey snowboarder

Borrow your friend's digital camera and try it out .

If you like it, then buy it!

Also, cheapest water insurance on the slopes is a freezer
quality ziplock baggie which easily holds your camera.

Do not leave camera in baggie after snowboarding!

Good luck!
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Old May 17, 2003, 5:26 PM   #6
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Hi Snowboarder. We have a cheapy Agfa Ephoto. It will do everything you want. It was great in Quebec city last winter @ -60 with the windchill factor. Regular batteries, small sturdy metal case. Would recommend a larger card than the one that came with. Also suggest you keep it in a heavy duty freezer bag.

HTH Susie
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Old Jun 12, 2003, 7:47 AM   #7
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I think Sony is bringing out a waterproof robust camera very soon, this might be the one you were looking for, let me check where I saw it, and I'll report back !
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