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I have this problem of taking portraits under yellow light. athe pic looks dull n shows a yellow haze as a result of the yellow light. They r not crisp n clear.

Also, i don't advocate the use of Flash for portraits as it steals the natural colour.

I have also tried using Filters with my Canon 400D but to lil effect.

Kindly advice me on this and oblige.

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Set a custom white balance using a photographic gray or white card. You'll find how to set a custom white balance in your camera's manual.

You can use almost anything white in a pinch and get it close. For example, I sometimes use some white coffee filters stacked together as a target.

Using a custom white balance allows the camera to compensate for the temperature of the lighting.

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As Jim noted, custom white balance is a good way to go.

If it is available, shooting with RAW is also a good idea. That allows you to easily adjust the white balance after the fact.
But why are you shooting with a yellow light? Do you mean tungsten? If tungsten, likely your camera has a white balance setting: RTFM - Read The Fine Manual.

They r not crisp n clear.
Post an example. That could be shake, bad focus, peanut butter on the lens, ...

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Flash lighting can also be effective with the use of reflectors or diffusors or just simply bouncing the light.
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