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On November 8 I left a message here regarding the use of micro fiber cloths for cleaning lenses. Since then I have found a better way of cutting the large cloths into smaller one, and in the process also searing the edges to prevent undue fraying.

Here is what I am now doing. Tape the full-sized cloth to a larger piece of glass. A glazed picture frame using glass, not plastic, is one possible source of glass. You don't have to take the picture apart, just use as is, but don't use something you treasure, as breakage may accidentally occur.

When the cloth is stretched fairly tautly, use a straight-edge to cut against. Heat a small (I use a 30 watt size) electrical soldering iron. When it is quite hot, run it along the straight-edge and it will neatly cut a line in the cloth. The edge will be much smoother than a cloth cut with scissors and sealed over a flame.

Be careful not to start a fire or burn yourself. These little irons get very hot. They are cheap, in the range of $20. I started using them to cut nylon, rayon, polyester, and slk to exact sizes for makes colorful kites, one of my multitude of hobbies now that I am retired

These cloths work beautifully on eyeglasses, windshields, or any kind of smooth glass surfaces.

Good Luck

Old Engineer
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Sorry to spoil the fun with your technique of sealing the fabric edge. But...

There's a safer and easier way of sealing the edges... Fabric glue. It gives you a softer edging so not to scratch the lens.

Go to Wal-mart or any fabric store and buy fabric glue. Simply fold the edge and glue it. It is permanent and washable.I used several brands but my most favorite is Fabri-tac found at Wal-mart in the craft isle. It doesn't bleed through the fabric, itis less messy and dries quickly.

Other uses for this glue:Hem up your pants or dress, patch up a tear, make pillows or curtains, etc.

I never had a chance to use up a bottle of this before someone snatch it away! Now, I keep several bottles for back up:-)

Btw, you can go to Costco or Sam's and get micro fiberclothsin a bundle for a much less cost. With that many, you can now use them to clean the whole house! For hardfloor cleaning is great with them!
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The tip about fabric glue seems well thought out. I will definitely try it.

Old Engineer
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