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This won't help much, and may not apply to your camera, but a lot of them have several levels of flash available (usually something like low, medium and high), and are usually set to the lowest level as the factory default, so if you haven't done so it might be worth looking through the settings to see if there's an option to change this.
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This may be a little late, but in addition to requiring an extremely strong flash in a big room like a gym, the problem I see in the photo shown is that there is a close object on the left side of the image. No matter how powerful the flash might be, the camera's exposure system will say to itself "well, Hey! There seems to be plenty of light in this image!"

That's because it doesn't know you want to see the kids in the background instead of the wall next to you. It just knows that for an average picture, the overall amount of light seems just fine.

So in that case,even with a Monster flash the exposure system would try to prevent it from getting any brighter.

Make sure there is no close object that will get bright light from the flash in the area of the exposure system (i.e. within the picture you're taking).

Or... sometimes cameras allow you to set the exposure to a specific part of the picture. Then it would at least 'try' to get enough light on the kids, and it wouldn't care if the wall was so bright that it came out pure white in the final image.

I often shoot without flash in low light. It's a bad compromise, because when kids are moving around the floor fast, they will look blurred. But at least I get one or two shots (by luck) that look OK.

(Since it's digital film, I don't worry about wasting shots...I just delete the terrible ones).

Hope this helps.
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