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Mary Jo M Nov 29, 2007 1:53 PM

Hi there. I want to be able to show my edited pictures on my TV. We have two Cannon's an A710 Is and a S2 IS. I can show the raw pictures just fine. I have found the right site, but when I try to download, I get a message that I can't load edited images back to camera. Any ideas? I am using Photoshop Elements 4 with jpeg images, but have several other software companies I can use. I also have Zoom Brouser EX.

VTphotog Nov 29, 2007 8:36 PM

Photoshop. and most other editing software,adds its own tags to edited pictures, which may change the offsets cameras use for reading images. Some will work, others won't. In some cases, it also depends on how the editing is done. If you use the camera as a drive, and edit the pics, then save them back to the camera, it may work better than uploading to your hard drive, and then trying to reload them to the camera's memory. Or, it may not.

I don't have direct experience with your cameras, so you may get a better answer from someone on the Canon forum.


Alan T Nov 30, 2007 3:27 AM

Mary Jo M wrote:

...I want to be able to show my edited pictures on my TV. We have two Cannon's an A710 Is and a S2 IS....
David Taylor's 'TVWriter' shareware from http://www.satsignal.netwill do this with any image, for various makes of camera. If you look at the website it'll probably say if yours is covered. The unregistered trial version puts a logo on the images, but you could see if it works.

I think it's wonderful, because it's effectively a poor man's video projector. You can inflict your holiday snaps, political pitch or sales presentation on anyone with a TV, albeit only at the rather poor resolution of TV receivers.

Good luck!

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