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Bought a D70s a month ago and I must have shot nearly 800 pics.The pics are named in seqence like DSC001..... DSC007.....After I download the pics I format the card and start again.I would like to download the pics in the same directory and then later sort them out according to the subject etc .
So,for for intance if have pics named DSC001 from yesterday and it will have the same name for the pics I take today.When I download them I have to download in a different directory and then sort them out.
Is there any way to have the file sequence after the date and time or probably date and pic number ?

Also is there any way to get the date and time stamped on the pic itself ? I have noticed that in quite a few pictures taken by by friends

Thanks in advance

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There should be "File No. Sec." option in cameras menu,
turn it on and camera will remember what was the name of latest picture and continues from there.

Exif data contains date and time so it shouldnt be hard to make a macro that stamps date, time etc. in the picture.

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There are two ways I've used for renaming files, If you use PaintShop Pro 9, select the File menu and in this, select Batch and then Rename. The easiest way of using this is to highlight [not open!] the files you wish to rename in the Browser, then go to File> Batch> Rename and in there, you can rename images eg: FredsDog and sequence them numerically. Very useful, and at least you can see as you select them, what the actual images are!
If you happen to be rich/daft enough to buy Adobe's Photoshop, it was not until very recently that they included a decent image browser, and prior to this you paid extra for their browser, which I think was a bit of a cheek!

Another way, but of more use on anything else, is Oskar's Renamer, which can be found at:

Hope these suggestions help!
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Thanks to both Shred and Samsauce for the tips.Actually I was looking to change the settings in the camera itself.
Am I asking too much from my camera or am I being too lazy ?

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