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Default Filters & Lens Hood

I'm using Nikon lenses ranging from 52mm filter threads to 77mm. Will screw in types of filters for 77mm work with my other smaller lenses with adaptor rings & with a lens hood attached or do I have to buy a filter for each individual lens size. How about 4X4 filters from someone like Lee & just hold the filter against the front of the lens hood. How do you guys get around this problem. Buying filters for each lense will get pretty expensive fast.
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Most of us use filters only very rarely. Why do you need filters? Someone may have a suggestion if you can provide more info. Don't count this as truth but I think I read on a photo forum that Lee was out of business but that doesn't mean they're not available. With Lee or Cokin most by the holder and then the threaded adapters to fit the lenses they have.

Lens hoods are fairly specific to the lens to which they'll be mounted (length, diameter, flair, and corner cuts for WA lenses). Use the lens mfr's hood for that lens or and exact third party copy.

A. C.

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In most cases, you won't be able to use a lens hood with a filter larger than the lens. Most of the time, you won't need both together, though.

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A lens hood is the best way to protect the lens, so itís good to use if possible. Using a step ring to install 77mm filters on a 52mm lens will work just fine if flare isnít a problem. But when flare is a problem, you're stuck if you can't use the lens hood with your filter.

The Lee filter holder is good for when you need multiple filters. For example, for a landscape shot you may need a polarizer to deepen the sky and create more contrast with the clouds, a didymium filter to enhance certain natural colors, a graduated neutral density filter to balance the luminance of two areas of the scene, and finally a neutral density filter to reduce light and extend exposure time (to capture moving water, for example.) The holder allows you to perfectly position the GND filter and to rotate the polarizer. They work best with tripod photography, as theyíre a little bulky to have attached all the time.

Filters are important tools. Look at them as Photoshop for the lens. They help control light...which is your goal as a photographer.
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