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A friend was asking me on the weekend about how to deal the harsh flash lighting coming from her Canon SX 10. She's mostly using the camera to take shots of her new baby.

My initial advice was to open the apature and raise the ISO, trying not to use the flash. But we all know that flashes are sometimes necessary indoors. Then I remembered seeing some kind of attachment shield thing for point-and-shoot cameras. Does anyone know that they're called, or where I can find a good picture and explanation online?

Knowing my friend, she won't bother to go out and buy an external bouncing flash, so I'm trying to come up with an easy solution that she'll actually try.
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Lumiquest makes this:


You could also try a translucent film container cut so that you can slide it over the flash, or use a section from a translucent Milk Carton like it's handle the same way. Keep heat in mind as you don't want to damage your flash using that kind of technique though.

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The simple solution is to put a white handkerchief or other white material over the flash.
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Better to use transparent material like bubble wrap

as colour temperature drops dramatically with a handkerchief
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i use semi transparent scotch tape layered twice and slightly taped just enough to cover the flash. Of course I do not leave the tape after use. I remove it.

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I read somewhere about putting something over just the center portion of the flash ( middle 3rd) to reduce the harsh light effect but still light the subject.
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I have a lightsphere made by Gary Fong. It is a diffuser for a bounce flash and I like it very much. I think he makes a diffuser for your camera.

Take a look here: http://store.garyfonginc.com/puf-01.html

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I took a discarded pill bottle, cut the top and bottom off, and made this:

It's very small (roll it up tighter with a rubber band when not in use) and quick to put on and remove. Also, very secure.
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