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Hello everyone,

I was down the first base line for this shot, and it seems like his feet are in focus, but his face is off focus. Is it my eyes? I used a 120-300mm 2.8, but it seems like the fence is more in focus around his head than the subjects face. I am shooting with a D50 and used the dynamic focusing this time. I have been testing some combinations with focusing, such as single area focusing, and closest subject, and it seems that the images are not focused where I think they should be.

Any tips would be appreciated.

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What was the shutter speed used on this shot? If you had to use a slow shutter speed and the batter was moving his head when you took the pic, you could have his feet fairly sharp (stationary) while his face is soft (moving). I don't know how else you could have two objects the same distance from the camera registering differences in focus.

Or, it could be that the feet are no more in focus than the face, but since the feet (shoes) have harder edges than the face, they just give the appearance of having sharper focus than the face.

When I look at the picture, I get the impression that the guy leaning on the fence is a bit sharper than the batter.

I don't own a D50, but my Nikon Coolpix has various visual indicators that can be turned on in the viewfinder and you can select the area that you want the camera to pay attention to for good focus. The D50 must offer something like this and I'm sure that it works a lot better than on my camera! Only bad thing about it is that it's clumsy and not well suited to action.

If you keep having these focus problems, you might have to jack up your ISO setting a notch to let you shoot at a small enough aperture to increase your depth of field enough to compensate for the cameras imprecision in focus.

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Thanks Grant,

The shutter speed was about 1/1250 in that range. I used the aperature setting and had it open at 2.8. I know with having the aperature open all the way, it leaves little error for focusing. I did use the dynamic focusing which may be the issue.

It may also be my eyes, and I do agree with your theory regarding the feet (shoes) having sharper edges. I will have to work on it and keep experimenting.

Thanks for the help

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