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RazorsEdge Apr 1, 2008 12:12 PM

OK thanks I will remember that, I am going to simulate the lighting tonight in my studio. That way I can be better prepared for Saturday night when it really counts. I really appreciate all your help.


BobbyNiel Oct 6, 2008 6:38 AM

[align=left]One of the things you don't usually have to worry about when taking photos at a concert is the lighting:cool:. It is usually sufficient for obtaing well-lit and exposed photos. That is good news because use of a flash, even if permitted, is generally not effective for photographing concert scenes. Try to find out in advance what type of lighting is used in the concert hall. Adjust the white balance setting accordingly and take some test shots before the show begins. Make sure to also check the camera sensitivity settings and how responsive the camera will auto focus in the light.

Set your camera to center-weighted or matrix metering for most shots. If a subject has a spot-light on it, switch to spot metering mode. When using a spot meter, lock exposure and focus on or near the brightest area of the subject, then recompose before taking the shot.If necessary, increase the sensitivity of the camera by using a higher ISO number, such as 200 or 400. The downside is that you increase noise in photos, which can result in a reduction of photo detail and clarity. Fortunately, it can often be reduced with noise reduction software.[/align]

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