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Definitely taken on a SLR or DSLR. A reasonable amount of photoshop work and a LOT of lighting at the shoot! Lots! That's what I think anyway!
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Grinder wrote:
NO - you do not need 7 MP. Mega Pixs are way way over rated. More is not always better. It's what the camera and photographer does with the pixels.

What a profound statement....you are so right. It may improve quality but not the shot. If you've got both then you are on to a winner. So many people think, more pixels the better....rubbish! Unless you require to enlarge a portion of the shot, extra pixels is of no help whatsoever. And don't forget if you blow up to say 20"x 16" you do not view it from the same distance as a 8"x 6" print it is relative. Stop being so pixel conscious, for the far majority of amatuer photographers it is a waste of time and money and just playing into the hands of salesman and manufacturers.

I have just recently bought an Olympus C-8080 which is 8 Mp. I've just got rid of aPanasonic FZ2 which was 2Mp......do you know which I'v found takes the best pictures....I'll tell you this much....it isn't the 8Mp camera. Why did I change?....you tell me then we'll both know. :?
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It doesn't really matter what camera it was the effect can easily be made with several different ways. Panning which take alot of practice and luck to get right which it looks like to me. (low light slower shutter speed which allows you to pan and maybe even a flash sync at the end.) Yes it can be done in photoshop but doing it all in camera usually turns out better. I always try and shot as if photoshop didn't exist. It will help your shotting.

if the picture post the info on it was
Nikon D70
Shutter speed 1/15
F/ 3.2
Rear flash sync
Attached Images
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Grinder wrote:
Agree - probebly did a lot of tweaking with contrast and used the UnSharp tool (which sharpens). Also probebly played with hue and saturation and so forth. It looks overley sharp to me actually.

You can see the flash unit on the left side for the flash effect.

It looks some what weird to call a sharpening mask as unsharp mask. why this paradox?
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