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Store your gear in an enclosed compartment (I use my LowePro Orion), in a dry area & add as much desiccants (the silica drying agent that ships with clothes, medicines & other items). The desiccant is designed to remove moisture from packaging of moisture susceptible products.

My bag has every desiccant I've come across in the past 3yrs. Most are in paper pouches, but some are in small plastic tubes...the more, the merrier! They will absorb moisture in your bag and can be revitalized too...once they turn darker (meaning they have absorbed their weight in moisture) they can be laid out on a sheet pan & heated in an 150-degree oven for about 25 minutes...they will be as good as new!

Also, lenses with beginning fungus in them should be placed outdoors (during a high pressure system) with the lenses(not digi-cam lenses) facing upwards. The UV light & heat will usually kill the fungus, After several treatments, it should be gone for good.
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This is one case where taking half these very good recommendation can be worse than nothing. The desiccant is vitally important when using an enclosed compartment or the enclosed compartment can actually increase humidity.

Killing fungus on photo equipment OTHER THAN cameras and lenses (such as bags, books, etc.) that you wouldn't want to bleach - use plain old Right Guard spray deodorant (NOT the anti-perspirant versions.) It's a surprisingly effective fungicide.
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Kalypso wrote:
...The UV light & heat will usually kill the fungus, After several treatments, it should be gone for good.
This implies that you should remove any UV (Haze, Skylight, etc.) filters from the lenses before you take them out for a walk. Otherwise, what's the point? [suB]:-)[/suB]
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