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I don't know if this pertains to all digital cameras or just mine. I have the fuji s602z. Today while out trying out an reversed lense addition it was too windy and too warm to capture much as i needed to be too close to the subjects. well, i decided to put on a +$ & +2 closeup lenses (my usual setup for macro work) but, didn't put the camera in macro mode. i found i could capture an image almost twice as large at full zoom as i could with the same setup but in macro mode. but, the real neat thing was that i could be 2 or 3 times further away than in macro mode. there seems to be a drawback to this. the depth of field is much less than with the camera in macro mode. even with high f-stops the depth of field was lacking as compared to being in macro mode. anyone elses cameras work this way??

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That's the whole purpose of the closeup/diopter lenses...to get close without getting that close, and to use the full zoom.

The diopter number (+1, +2, etc.) gives you the distance in 1/diopter-number meters that is the furthest away you can focus to at infinity...with a +2 diopter that means the furthest distance the camera will focus to is 1/2 meter with the lens at the infinity position, of course you can always get closer. With these things you can use the full zoom...with this American penny shot I had +7 diopter (+4, +2, +1 combined in that order) so that means the maximum I could be away from the object was 1/7th of a meter or 14.3cm, in this picture I was 13cm (5") away, and I zoomed in to 300mm (taken with an Olympus C-700):

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