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One thing you guys should really start considering is online backup solutions like xdrive and Amazon S3. These will provide you more redundancy than a backup solution stored in the same premises.
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Consider security when checking out on-line solutions.
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One thing about on line storage is you need to make sure it is a site that will last the test of time and not change their plans or go out of business. Several people here and at other sites have compalined that they hooked up with an one line storage site only to find out 2 years later that in a week or two they were shutting down and telling their subscribers to off load any data they wanted to keep. One guy I know lost amost 50GB of photos.

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"I also try to fill the DVDs as much as possible to cut down on the number of discs I have to store in the long run"

in my personal opinion the very last part of the media CD or DVD is the most unreliable. This is because of two reasons - one the media tends to pick up scratches most on the outer surface. two the outermost rim of the media touches the drive in most cases and picks up the scratches.

This in in my opinion - if the matter is important to me i tend to leave out a little rather then fill out the DVD - nor mally i would leave out 5-10 % of the space
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A most interesting thread here and on a subject I've never really thought about. Some years ago, 'CD rot' was discussed in a Hi-Fi magazine where the layer that the digital information is recorded on could deteriorate. Indeed, two of my music CDs became unplayable because of pinholes that could be clearly seen when the disc was held up to the light.

I must assume that CD/DVD technology has improved since then.

Alma R.
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