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pianoplayer88key Jun 27, 2004 1:03 AM

ok... here's the deal... (first of all, how do I figure out the hyperfocal for a 54mm focal length on the S1 IS? (I zoomed to just before where the camera switches to F/3.1 from F/2.8 and looked at the exif data.))
Ok.. now...

Assuming I want to take some pics and at least reduce, if not eliminate, motion blur (not camera shake) in poorly lit conditions...

Which is usually easier to make a decent quality picture from (assuming full manual mode: manual focus (at hyperfocal), shutter speed of, say, 1/80", aperture F/2.8, focal length 54mm (about the max the S1 will do with a 2.8 aperture)) - shooting at a low ISO (50) and severely underexposing the picture, or shooting at high ISO (400) and only moderately underexposing the picture (about a -2 compensation at ISO 400, 1/80", f/2.8)? (or something in between?)

I'd like to be able to take some action shots in low light, and considering I don't have the $$$ for a Canon 1Ds, F/1.0 20mm-5000mm lens, or 12GB 80x CF, I'm stuck with the camera I have.

Oh, btw, I can't seem to get Helicon NoiseFilter, NeatImage, or NoiseNinja to work properly with my S1. I'm hoping it's operator error... for example in noisefilter I'll do a noise reduction, import in photoshop, sharpen considerably which adds the noise back, re-noisereduce in noisefilter, back to sharpening in photoshop, etc... and I can't seem to reduce the noise or improve the sharpness. :(

assuming I have the shutter speed and aperture fixed at, say, 1/80" and f/2.8, and assuming an ISO of 400 would yield an exposure compensation of -2 (or maybe even -3 or -4), what can I do to get the best pics possible after post-processing? I would be willing to convert to black and white, but being able to keep color would be nice. I definitely want low noise, good contrast, and color would be nice, but at the super-low-light levels I might be taking action shots in, I would be willing to settle for a 256-level grayscale (not a 16-level or 2-level though)

thkn777 Jul 14, 2004 8:48 AM

The terrible thing is that the camera's noise reduction (NR) starts to work below a certain shutter speed (definitely not at 1/80). I found that the internal NR thingie helps a lot.

I'd go for high ISO tbh to reduce motion blur. If you underexpose for -2 you don't have much detail anyway (or is the moving object very bright?)

More underexposure will hide more of your pic in the dark and no image processing software can bring this information back :(


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