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I want to take photos/potraits which needs to be used in ID Cards. The photos will be printed in a smaller dimension( 24mm *24mm).

I justed wanted know what will be the correct resolution, I need to use. I have a 2MP camera. Should I take this photos with 2MP or will this be better with 1.0 MP. ?

After taking this photo I usually crop the photos for desired size. Here I am not getting the exact size I need to crop/resize to make this photo look good for 24mm * 24mm size print.

I print either in Inkjet or color laser. Is there any best setting/practises at the printer level that can make my print look good.

Can you please direct me for any links which captures all the workflow. (Capturing, Cropping, Resizing, Enhancing and Printing)

Thanks a lot.

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For the size you mention, the lower resolution should be more than enough.

If you let us know which software you use for editing, it will be easier to advise about workflow for cropping and resizing. General advice would be to use crop tool and select 'square' , adjust size and position, and accept the crop. Resize to the desired dimensions at the best resolution your printer is capable of, using 'bicubic', or 'bicubic sharper'.

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The final print will definitely not be better taking the shots at 1Mp compared to 2. Many cameras go to a lower compression quality when you use less than full resolution. Unless you are sure your quality is independent of resolution I would use 2Mp. It probably won't make any difference either way for so small a print, but it is a certainty you won't degrade the quality shooting at 2Mp.

For cropping to a specified size I would recommend this little utility. Make a custom 24 X 24 mm or 2.4 X 2.4 cm template. It is easy to do. It will crop the image in the right proportions without dumping any pixels you don't crop off. It will also put the right codes in the file so it prints at the right size with most software you will print from: http://ekot.dk/programmer/JPEGCrops/

There is no reason to resample the image to a set PPI. Every time you resample you lose a little quality and the print spooler will take all the pixels you give it.

Your best approach to printing would probably be to download a free image editor that has layers so you can put multiple images on a page if you don't already have an image editor. Many printers come with utilities that will do that as well, and if your printer came with such a utility it would probably be the easiest and best approach. When you tell us what you already have someone can give you some better directions. Same for any enhancements you might want to make.

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