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loukarg Jul 31, 2004 1:59 PM

Hallo everybody! Is there anyone who could suggest a way I could use my Olympus 350z as a web camera for live video conferencing through netmeeting (or any other programm)? I already tried connecting my c350z to the PC, opened netmeeting and followed the path tools->options->video. The only device listed under "video capture device" is my hauppauge win TV capture device, my camera is not listed. I think the problem is that the only thing you can do with the camera when it is connected to the PC is view the photos and copy them to the HDD. I don't know if and how it is possible to take photos or record a video when it is connected to the PC. Is there a program or a button combination or anything that can change it? It is rather stupid that adigital camerathat cost me 350 Euros can't work as a web camera...


Mikefellh Jul 31, 2004 6:10 PM

You can't use them as a webcam, not that you'd want to...when the camera is in use for long periods the CCD heats causing hot pixels, and those hot pixels will eventually become stuck pixels over time which can show up in every picture.

Do you really want to ruin your 350Euro camera on a job a 15Euro webcam can do?

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