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worldchamp May 7, 2009 8:40 AM

Olympus FE 310
I have an Olympus FE 310 that I use for taking daily construction pictures. My project manager wants a time/date stamp on my pictures. Is there a way to accomplish this task.

JimC May 8, 2009 8:25 AM

From a quick skim of our camera's review here, I didn't find a date stamp feature. Some cameras have it and some don't.

But, the settings a camera uses to take a photo are included in the EXIF (a header with metadata that is part of your images). This header includes the date and time an image was taken, cameras settings used, and more.

You can get software that can read the date the photo was taken, and stamp your images with it if you need that feature.

One example of a free utility is Exifer for Windows (it's watermark feature can read the date information, and place it on the photos in batch mode).

Irfanview also has that ability with it's batch processing features.

Using software to stamp the photos (instead of a camera's date stamp feature), insures that you always have originals without the date stamp (since it can be unsightly). Simply work with copies of your originals so you'll have versions with and without a date stamp.

Some printing software can also place the date on a photo when printing (reading it from the EXIF metadata in the image file). Even the free EasyPrint software Canon includes with some of it's printers has this feature (and some third party printing software like QImage Pro can also do this, with no camera based date stamp feature needed).

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