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Default Perspective and lens correction

Philo's tutorial is a clasic:

This one is for those who are good with software - the technique is easy once you figure out how to install and use Panorama Tools with PTGui. That is no easy task, but is esp worth the effort if you are interested in panoramas. I don't know, but strongly suspect that the technique would work as well with Max Lyons' free PTAssembler gui PT front end.
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Hi, Bill...

The tutorial is good. However, if people can afford it, Lens Doc (by Andromeda Software, I believe) is a very easy, quick and accurate tool for fixing several types of lens distortion.

By the way, after using Photoshop since version 4, I discovered something I didn't know that you may be interested in, unless you do know it.

To correct rotation of an image (tilted vertically or horizonltally), select the Measuring tool. In PS7, it's under the Eyedropper tool icon. Then, use it to draw a small line on the horizontal or vertical that is off.

Then, do Image>Rotate Canvas>Arbitrary. Lo and behold, the exact angle to fix the rotation is already selected!

See ya...
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Default Funny, Paint Shop 8 has a better solution

In Jasc's Paint Shop Pro 8 (will be available in Apri), all you have to do is choose straighten, move the line to a horizontal, and double-click. Perspesctive is done the same. Also, there are barrel and fisheye correction tools, and well as an all purpose deform tool.

The best part is if you check the crop image box in the tool options, it will automaticaly make it a perfect rectange with the same L/W ratio.

I can't wait until it comes out in April, until then there is the beta.


thats were you can download the beta for free. Unfortunatly my version that I downloaded two weeks ago will self-destruct on the 25th, but it will tell me to look for updates a week before that date.

Also, check out the cool deal of buy 7.04 now, get 8.0 for free!
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Default Dedicated Lean Software for Digicam users

There's a dedicated , lean software that can do this job, and much more, and it was purpose-written for digicam users: FixFoto


The author is German, and his website is in German (unfortunately). The software can be set to English as user language.

I have not seen any other piece of software that is equally powerful yet so simple to use.

FixFoto is shareware and costs Euro 30,- (~ USD 34,50).
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