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I am interested in taking photographs of carpets in a manner to display them in totality, like a complete rectangle of the carpet must be seen and not the tappered ends are displayed.

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Sounds like all you need to do is either hang the carpet on a wall or stand on a ladder to photograph it on the floor. Get the whole carpet in the picture and then use the "crop" feature of any image editing program to cut out any parts of the picture that you don't want.

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The tapered ends you see are caused by lens distortion. The wider the lens angle, the more of this you get. The reason is that most lens elements are spherical, and must project an image onto a flat surface. Aspheric lens elements help, but don't eliminate the problem. There is software available to correct for it. I use Photoimpact, which has this feature built in, so I don't have any links for you. Steve's main page has software links, which I think include what you are looking for.

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Old Aug 1, 2006, 2:39 AM   #4
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Hang them on the wall and then shoot from as far away as possible will minimize distortion. If they have tassles on the end this might not be satisfactory in which case you will have to go up to get the same effect. You can correct the perspective of your pics to get rectangular carpets fairly easily in photoshop or most other photo editing apps so you can get good results without doing all this. It depends how good the images need to be.
The gear you really need is a tilt/shift lens. Tilt will get the plane of focus parallel with your carpet and shift can correct the perspective to give you a rectangle. Unless you are really serious and doing fine carpets for coffee table books though it's probably not worth the expense. The cheapest tilt/shifts start at around US$1000 plus you need the slr to attach it to ...
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I`d go with hanging them on the wall,try inside or out.Natural light may represent colour better than with the use of flash indoors.You can remove the lens distortion in photoshop CS2 , in filter>distort>lens correction.

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