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I've used the (Replace Color) in photoshop with success. Sample the purple with the eyedropper, lower the saturation and lum to suit.
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For the record, this is usually called chromaticaberration. In the video realm, it tends on lenses that aren't quite up to the smaller chips needs. HD video cameras are struggling with it at the moment because of the high demand for pixel count on a small chip and getting that image through glass that is affordable.
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There is a difference between Purple Fringing and Chromatic Aberration. PF is an issue with the sensor while CA is a lensissue.


I am not sure if this will work for you but the best way of fighting PF is to try to minimize it from the beginning. I have found that PF seems to increase in severity when you are shooting 'double wide' (Wide open aperture AND wide angle). see if the issue is improved by zooming in and closing down the aperture. This will mean that your shutter speed will go down and so a tripod or some other stabilization will be helpful.
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