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Question, please. I've been watching a long time but this is my first post.

I use Paint Shop Pro, and cannot figure out how to do this... Let's say that I have a photo of two people, and I want to take the lips off of one person, and put them on the other.

Ok, I have the image open. I use the selection tool (lasso) and trace around lips # 2. I click Edit > Copy. Then I click the top bar of the photo, right-click and pick "paste as a selection" from the menu. I move the lips over top of person # 1 and place them, and they're still selected. From this point, I want to resize the lips a bit larger, but cannot figure out HOW.

Even though only the lips are selected, when I click Image > Resize, the WHOLE image resizes, not just the selection. When I try the steps above using "past as a new layer" instead, this doesn't work either.

So I guess what I need, is for someone to tell me how to make a selection of an object in a photo, move a copy of it elsewhere in the photo (or into another photo) and then make adjustments to just that selected item.

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You're probably looking for a resize command within the Edit menu.

I am not positive, because I use Photoshop and have no experience with PaintShop Pro. I think you're on the right track. I would assume that a selection modification would either appear in the Edit menu or perhaps Selection menu. You just have to look around.
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Use the deform tool-which is right next to the crop tool

You usually have to deselect and then it will become active on those "lips" only
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