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Wavshrdr Jun 23, 2004 9:17 PM

What are the differences between noise ninja and neat image? I noticed that neat image has camera specific profiles. Is the effectiveness about the same or is there any clear difference between final output quality between the programs?

It appears that to get batch processing with noise ninja I have to buy the pro version whereas the neat image allows some batch processing and a photoshop plug in. How is the ease of use for each program?

Could I run them safely without inspecting them as batch or are they pretty good to almost NEVER degrade the picture quality? I have some night shots that would be amazing if it wasn't for some noise in them.

On the surface neat image seems to be better but I am looking for input. Thanks in advance!

Graham Jun 24, 2004 12:21 PM

:homey: Hi

I`ve nevet tried ninja but have Neat image on my desktop. I downloaded the evaluation verson (free) which you can use forever. It only does JPEG and some of the advanced features are not there but the full instructions are in the download.

Those who have tried it on my recommendation think it is amazing and it generally gets the best write up in magazines. Try it and see. It costs you nothing. Just put Neat Image in your search engine and it will be found reay to download.

Have fun


Wavshrdr Jun 24, 2004 12:42 PM

Graham- Thanks! I was just about to buy Neat Image which has glowing reviews when I ran upon this review of a bunch of noise reduction programs.

It looked like Noise Ninja was the winner by a slim margin so I was still set to by Neat Image because it had a Photoshop plugin. Now I just learned that in the new Ver. 2 software of NN, they will be releasing that as well as dual processor support. So now I am torn again.

I downloaded both demos and there are things I like about both and they both do a great job. I did notice on my PC that NN is definitely faster than NI. At this point I am sure I will like either one of them long term but it looks like the new NN ver. 2.0 has some really nice enhancements. I may try and download the Ver 2.0 Beta and see what I think.

This forum has been a wealth of information. Even though I am new here I've been involved in photography for a long time as a very serious hobby but over the last 3 years I have gone almost 100% digital. My biggest problems were the noise in some of my low light high ISO photos and it looks like these products will take care of my last real gripe.

Thanks! -Tim

Graham Jun 24, 2004 1:26 PM


Glad to be of help. Have a look at my "Purple Fringing" method in Tips.

You should find it very useful at times



eric s Jun 24, 2004 3:36 PM

I have never used Noise Ninja (NN), but have Neat Image Pro (NI).

I've seen reviews that put one slightly ahead of another. But its review dependent. So I'd say they are very similar. What is entertaining is that they are both as good or better than packages that cost much more (again, from reviews.)

I am happy with the results that NI produces. I wish it were faster. If I didn't own NI, I might consider NN because I've read it's faster. On my 1800 AMD with 1G or ram,NI takes awhile on 10D images. Certainly longer than I want.

But the results are great.

Someone commented about camera profiles. When I don't have a detailless spot in my picture, I just use a profile. Works well.


sjms Jun 24, 2004 4:22 PM

the basic problem is that both are excellent programs. the issue at hand is that with some images NI does a better job and of course others NN works better. i still prefer NI in that it works within PSCS and independently. NN still has no plugin capability to PS at this point. for the past few months NN has been beta testing v2 which is very fast but still no Plugin.

the NI group has been working constantly to update their program too. the current version is 4.25

so what did i do. of course i own both. and use as needed.

NI- those who own v3 and highter can free upgrade to 4.xx Faster now even in PS

NN- those who own v1.12 will get v2 gratis

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