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I have just recently purchased a Pentax S60 and have read most of the manual but can not find anywhere how to apply a date stamp to the photos. Can anyone out there tell me if it is possible to apply the date stamp and if so how.

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Digital cameras record EXIF information to the image file that gives the date it was taken among other things. Most people find that sufficient and don't want their photos ruined with a date printed right on the photo since it is easy enough to read the EXIF and see when it was taken.

As a result most digital cameras don't have the ability to put the date right on the image. There are some that do, but unless your Pentax lists that somewhere as a camera feature it isn't likely to be available.

I wouldn't own one of the cameras that would do that for fear it would accidentally get turned on and require a lot of work in Photoshop to recover my ruined photos. I did ruin some film images that way back before Photoshop and had to be super careful the feature was off. I did often take the first photo with it on and then duplicate that picture with it off so I knew when the roll was taken. But it isn't necessary with digital. I never bought another film camera with the date print feature.

There is software that will read the EXIF and put the date directly on the image.

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Some cameras have a date stamp feature, and some cameras don't.

I personally think that date stamps can ruin photos (my opinion anyway, since the date stamp can be pretty unsightly, especially if the color of the stamp happens to clash with the image you take). Everytime I see someone post a photo here with one, I cringe (but, that's probably just me). ;-)

But, you can get software to print a date/time stamp on a photo, if you really have a need for it.

As Slipe mentioned, the settings a camera used to take a photo are included inthe EXIF (a header that is part of your images).This header includes the date and time an image was taken. You can get free software that can read the date the photo was taken, and stamp your images with the date if desired.

One example of a free utility isExifer for Windows (it's watermark feature can read the date information, and place it on the photos in batch mode). There are more programsthat can do this, too.

Using this technique (instead of a camera's date stamp feature), insures that you always have originals without the date stamp (since it can be unsightly). Simplywork with copies of your originals so you'll have versions with and without a date stamp.

Some printing software can also place the date on a photo when printing (reading it from the header in the image file). Even the free EasyPrint software Canon includes with some of it's newer Pixma printers has this feature (and some third party printing software like QImage Pro can also do this, with nodate stampfeature in the camera needed).
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NOOOOOOOOO NOT THE DATE STAMP:shock::shock::shock:

i think these stamps totally spoil photos

Yes exif information will tell you when you took the photo. Even windows can as you can arrange your shots by date taken (I think)

And if its for printing purposes u can put the date as part of ur file name so when its printed they usually print the file name on the back of the photo and ther u go

and your fantastic shot isnt ruined with this ugly 1920s stamp

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Under WinXP, when using Windows Explorer in the Details View, select :

View=>Choose Details

and check Camera Model, Date Taken and Dimensions

to display the exif data in the pictures.
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