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your reply in the selective color forum was outstanding... just thouhgt i would let you know... i have taken up a strong interest in photography and have access to photoshop cs2... any tips, tricks,tuts, or books would be greatly appreciated



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Right on yazzy.
and that technique can be used for all sorts of selective filtering, color changes everything.
You can do it all with Masks.
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Yazzy wrote:
In Photoshop (my preference, been using it since I was in nappies)... the best way to go about this, so you don't stuff up is:

1. DUPLICATE: Open file in PS, "right-click" the current layer and select "duplicate."

2. DESATURATE: Select the duplicated layer, ie. "layer 2" go to the file menu titled "image" then select "desaturate." This will remove all colour from "layer 2" (except black, if you call it a colour).

3. CREATE LAYER MASK: Go to the file menu titled "Layer,"select "Layer mask" and "Reveal All." The layer mask will appear to the right of the thumbnail in your layer palette.

4. ERASE, PAINT or MARQUEE: Using the Eraser tool, Paint Brush tool or Marquee tool (including lasso and magic wand) "erase/paint" or "select and delete" the areas of the image you want coloured.

Note: by using a layer mask, if you stuff up, just swap you colours around from black to white and paint back the area you missed!

If you want to colour areas in on a exsisting B&W image I can step you through this!

yip this is the same way i go about it

Or i use quick mask, depending on situation


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I gave it a try......
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