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I am wondering how to selectively colour a photo. EX: a B&W pic of a cat, but its eyes are left yellow to add affect to the photo. (I have photo editing software).

Any help would be appreciated.


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Think layers.

Assuming your original photo is in color, convert it to b/w and put it in a layer on top of the color image. Then simply erase the b/w portion where you want the color to show through. Or if your software allows it, use a mask on the b/w image to allow the color to show - that is reversable so it ismuch easier to deal with little mistakes.
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Haven't tried this with Photoshop elements, but with Photoimpact, is fairly simple - Copy original, and paste as new image, convert to b/w. Use Clone tool, set to relative mode - colorize. Pick start point on original, move cursor to b/w, start cloning at same start position. From here on, you can paint color onto any part of the image, using a number of brush types for whatever effect you wish. It's so simple even Iwas able to get it first try.

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I know you can do these type of pictures with layers but I don't !
  1. Manually select the part of the object you want in colour[/*]
  2. Then click the inverse selection button[/*]
  3. And finally put the selections in B&W
Here is an example of a picture I did this way with a very basic software !!

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Old Jun 27, 2006, 8:06 PM   #5
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The Canon S2 and S3 will do selective coloring in camera, just click on the color in the frame and the color will remain while all else goes to B/W. You can even do a color swap.. Rick
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Hi Shane, it is very simple with PaintShopPro X, just go into Hue/saturation level adjust, select master channel and reduce levels to zero, this will convert the image to grey scale, then select the channel color you want to emphasise, in your case yellow, then boost level up to max, this will leave the whole pic grey scale except any yellow components.

Sample pic attached, this was done leaving red and blue,

Cheers from Oz,


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