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How can I get my camera to do a slow shutter speed? I have a Pentax MZ-60 and apart from buying slower speed film is there something I can do manualy to my camera?
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Film - what a concept.

If your camera is the one I think it is, it is an aperture priority automatic, you choose the aperture the camera chooses the shutter speed. Please let me know if this is correct.

To get a lower shutter speed you can do one of a variety of things.

- use slower speed film (like you suggusted)

- pull your film (ISO 100 shot at 25 iso - must be hand developed but neat effects - lower contrast and really tight grain)

- buy a neutral density filter for colour film or use a red filter for b&w - get high contrast but you can loose 2 to 3 stops.

- use a teleconverter, it magnifies lens focal length 2x and you loose 2 stops.

- film can withstand up to 2-3 stops overexposure because of great latitude, so use low iso and overexpose it a bit. Not a perfect solution, but it works.

- use some of these in combination. Best bet for maximum change would be to use neutral density filter with lower iso film pulled a stop or two. You could lower exposure 3 to 5 stops (changing a 1/8 sec exposure down to 4 full seconds).

hope this helps.

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thanks I wasnt sure how to change the aperture and when I was fiddling around with it I found out how to decrease the shutter speed.

If I take a picture of a rainy day, overcast with a slow shutter speed what would the best asa of film be 2 use.
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If you want to leave the shutter open as long as possible, use the slowest film, ie ASA100 or slower.
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