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Default Suggestions for taking a macro photo of a small white object?

I have a home made light box, and have tried several different colors of background in it, but it's difficult to get detail right without the white object looking like it's not white. The object is a guitar part, called a bridge saddle, and it's made of bone from a water buffalo. Most of the time, I either end up with the saddle looking yellowed, or it's so bright that detail is blown out. I'm thinking maybe try putting it in the front window of my shop on top of a black piece of paper and not using the light tent? I'm running out of ideas to get a good, clean photo of it. I have been selling these on eBay quite well, even with the photo I have, which is in my opinion passable at best. I know if I had a better photo I could sell more of them.... Any suggestions from more knowledgeable photographers?
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Does your camera have a flash exposure lock function? This will force the preflash, determine the exposure then hold the value. You would a take a reading off an 18% gray card to ensure correct exposure then you could add or remove flash exposure compensation to get the desired results.
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G'day mate

my 2-bob's worth ...

place white object onto light grey sheet of paper, gently bent up towards rear to avoid any 'edges or corners' showing
light object from 45deg right & 45deg above
set WB for light source - even if daylight ... ie do NOT use AWB
expose for 0EV then +1/2EV then +1EV then +1-1/2EV

One of them will be okay for you
Regards, Phil
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For white balance, try shooting in RAW and ding with it until it looks right.
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First question that needs to be answered is 'What camera are you using?'. The procedure is likely to be different if the camera is a DSLR than if you are using an inexpensive P&S. If your camera doesn't have the ability to use custom WB or exposure settings, you will have to do things differently.

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