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Mr. Peabody wrote:

I take great shots of my dog using the auto sports mode on my 20D since my dog is always moving or running. The pics turn out great.

I know I will probably get crucified for admitting using the sports mode, but I'm not an accomplished expert photograper like most of the posters on this board. I'm in the learning phase. :G
So I am not the only one that does that..... Try boosting the ISO up to about 400 or 800 and open the apature wide and use about a 1/250 shutter speed. If they turn out too dark, jack it up to 1600! not sure if the compact camera let you do that but hopefuly they do.

13 years old with a Canon Digital Rebal (300D for the  slower mind), 28-80mm Canon Lens, and Sigma 70-300mm Lens on the way!
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The only potential problem with an ISO that high is that it probably will become grainy. I sort of depends on what you are going to do with the pictures. I would use as low of an ISO as you can get away with but still get a clean shot...I know when I had my puppy I played with him outside then he just instantly got tired and fell asleep in the grass. They seem to have a lot of energy then just completely turn off and go to sleep.


P.S.(I'm 17 with a digital rebel also!AndI just got the Canon 75-300 mm lens! It isgreat! the Ultrasonic motors are sooquiet!)

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What works quite well with animals for me (esp pups that zip round quick) is to get outside in the best light you can. Try to get a good background (grass and plants always look great), take some toys and treats to entertain them, get down to their level. Take lots of photos.....it really helps if you've got someone to play with the toys/treats keep them in the right place for the photo.

Don't hurry........do this when you've got lots of time and a good sense of humour cos they're really funny to watch. Take lots of photos .......you'll get a lot of blurry ones as well as one or two really great shots.

With my Sony 717 I tend to use manual mode with as high shutter speed as the light will allow. I play round with the settings and try different things to see what works best.

edited to say.......I only use ISO 100 with the Sony cos the noise is unacceptable at a higher setting
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