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Ok, so maybe the $50 scanner was 'pie in the sky', but here's a $75 scanner that will give better results than what you're doing now:

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I appreciate your suggestion, but I already have an adequate scanner. However, for my particular project a scanner will not work for a variety of reasons.
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Then it is time to make a visit to E-Bay and to purchase at least a less the $(US) 100.00 camera. A Kodak camera would be simple to use and inexpensive for example. I saw a Kodak C-813 (8mp) that sold for $(US) 70.00 with a $(US) 7.00 shipping charge. That is the minimum kind of image quality you really do need.

I was copying photos from a book yesterday and this is the kind of result that I got.

Sarah Joyce
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dmehling wrote:
...Also, I'm interested in any postprocessing techniques for making the text clearer...
In any image processing package, (PhotoSlop Elementary, PainShopPro, etc. etc.), you should be able to experiment interactively using the 'curves' and histogram features to modify therelationship between original and modified images, toget more legible results. Keep careful records as you experiment, otherwise you'll finish up with a single good result, but be unable to reproduce it for the next page image, or as a batch of images.

The excellent, and free, 'Irfanview' (http://www.irfanview.com) has many possible adjustments, but experimentation is rather more tortuous and difficult. Once you've decided what to do, it's then easy to do batches of whole folders-full of images at once with its batch processor, in seconds.

Like Sarah Joyce, I find it enormously faster to use a digicam than a scanner, if I'm not being too fussy. But then, I have a very flexible superzoom camera, versus a venerable antique HP scanner. A better digicam would be your best bet, preferably plus your cheap scanner, for flexibility!

Good luck!
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Use a piece of clean clear glass to press the book down. Have your lights at 45 degrees to the surface and your camera perpendicular. Using a tripod you should have no trouble at all just shooting page after page once you find your settings for the lighting you have. Close-up lenses that screw on the front of your present lens would be helpful but Im guessing your lens doesnt have threads on the end to accept such filters.
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