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chengbin May 29, 2010 7:20 PM

Tips on macro shooting?
What are some tips to shoot a proper macro image?

To start, I have a Fuji S1800 set on auto everything except ISO and macro.

I'm having trouble getting my camera to focus the entire object, not just the center. Also, I get detail in different part of the image with different modes. I'd like a combination of all of them. I know that's probably not possible, just like flatting a map, but I'd like a good balance.

No flash (balance of details, not particularly sharp or soft, but no fine detail in the darker part of the cone)

Flash (excellent detail on the cone and speaker, but bottom half dark and not focused)

Slow synchro flash (excellent detail on the outer part of the speaker, good detail on the cone, but the outer speaker part is overexposed and detailless)

rhermans Jun 2, 2010 10:50 AM

Everything falls back to lighting

with the first shot you don't have enough detail because the light is coming from the top and the top part is in shadow.
just put a white paper next to your camera and that'll reflect enough light to get detail back in the shot.
the second shot you get the shadow coming from the lens.
here you need to get a kind of diffuser. Just hold a piece of white plastic (from a plastic bottle) before the flash at the front of your lens and the shadow will dissappear. Cut it so it fits around the front of the lens and you'll have a great diffuser, it may not look great but it'll work. A lot of the pop-up flash diffusers they sell on ebay don't work because they are mounted on the popup flash and still generate the lens shadow two.
the third shot you have more of the ambient light, so more detail met more light and a bit to much. Also the dof is not enough to get everything sharp.
you'll need something to get rid of the flash shadow, it's still there you can see the color difference the bottom part looks more yellow because the white balance uses the flash setting and the bottom is ambient.
Mixing light doesn't really work here.
just my 5c



chengbin Jun 6, 2010 5:26 PM


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