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geof Nov 7, 2002 12:08 PM

try this macro idea
This is a trick i have succesfully used with film cameras before, and tried it with my c3000 with great results. i bought a 58mm reversing ring that allowed me to mount a 35-70mm manual focus (nikon mount) macro lens backwards on the front of my olympus 3000. This has given me the ability to shoot macro at about 12-18X with very good results. There also is no vigneting, as the lens at the wide angle setting projects an image wider than the field of view of the built-in lens.The trick is the focusing: at that magnification it is too tight to use the lens, so you actually have to move the whole camera back and forth to achieve it (the macro feature in the added lens makes focusing very easy too). This is an old trick with 35mm slrs, but it does work with my digital. You can purchase a myriad of good used manual lenses to try it with. The only catch is that your camera must have both macro and manual focusing.

Here is this idea taken a step further: mount the camera to a belows setup and use a manual lens in front! it creates vigneting, but the center image at the highest resolution negates any barrel distorion, edge fringing and chromatic abberations, while creating a flatter focusing field.
I did try this and it works, but only because i allready had the manual equipment.

If nothing else, experimenting with digital is about as free as it gets as far as seeing the results is concerned....


KCan Nov 7, 2002 12:52 PM

This sounds interesting, I will try this , thanks !

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