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I know that this is a digital photography forum but since a large number of digital cameras can shoot video clips I hope someone else has gone through this situation.

I took some videos with my digital camera today and they all came out with the wrong colors due to an incorrect white balance setting. I used the camera last night to take some videos and put the white balance in the flourescent setting. Then today I took more videos but didn't notice that the white balance was wrong until I arrived home and saw them in the computer and found that they look blue. The fact that my camera LCD screen is failingand looks gray had to do with this. I can still use it and from the outlines and shapes visible in the gray LCD I can know what I am shooting but the colors are not there anymore.

Is there a program that will let me correct the white balance of video clips? I can do that with pictures with what I have but not with video clips.
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If you have a MAC, iMovie lets you make adjustments using the Quartz Composer.

Some of the high end video editing software tools have color adjustment.

Or you can buy "plug-ins".
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Have used works real well, most of the time. It can take a long time

to get what you want out of it, suppose it's just a time consuming thing

to do !

Try them out, might have to change formats, find the right plugins.

Will try the othersout myself on some bad videos I took !


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I'm not into video. But, I do have Avidemux (mentioned by jcotton55) installed in my Linux partitions.

After opening a file, if you select "Video>Filters", then click on "Colors", you'll see a filter named "MPlayer eq2". Double Click on that filter (Mplayer eq2) and a preview pane will pop-up, and you'll see sliders that let you adjust values for Red, Green and Blue (as well as for contrast, brightness and more).

One of the other filters has an Auto White Balance option. But, that may not work as well as desired.

You'll find more about it here (and it's free):


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