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Default True Purple Colored Image

I photograph a lot of my flowers and I am having a problem getting a true purple color to come out in my images. I have tried changing the white balance setting to each setting and nothing helps. The image always comes out blue. Does anyone have any tips for me to get the true purple color?? Presetting the white balance on something? I remember reading somewhere about presetting on a green image, but my memory escapes me.
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There was a thread just recently in the General Discussion about this.
For setting WB, I find it best to use a gray card, next best to select a preset WB for the type of light.
In the thread I mentioned, (color change in photo) the problem seemed to be that the color saturation was too high. If you could post an example, it would probably help.

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Thanks I found the general discussion thread. Will have to take some pics and post.

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Are the flowers violet or purple? In common usage the two words are used interchangebly however they are different colors in scientific usage. Purple is red and blue so should register well on a digital camera. Violet is a spectral colour and since there is no violet sensor only the blue sensor may register leaving you with "blue violets".
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"Are the flowers violet or purple?"

That's what my problem was. For the past five years, I have been trying to figure out why a certain hybrid Petunia I had kept coming out bright "blue".

They were the most gorgeous "purple" I'd ever seen. No matter what I tried, they were blue when reviewed.

I don't have any problems with the purples and pinks of the flowers I have now, but they aren't actually that color. That never occurred to me.

Thanks for that tip.
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