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Default new m-700

i just bought the m700 and i know nothing about digicams. straight out of the box on auto the images are kinda grainy. i put the quality to 3 stars and they are still grainy. my 1.2 mp camera's pictures look sharper. i don't know enoiugh to switch to manual.
please advise.
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Try using manual mode if you can because you can influence your picture quality a lot with tweaking your settings.

First, try changing your ISO sensitivity.
In auto mode, it will likely be set to "Auto 200" but try 70 and 100.
If you use a lower ISO number, this means your camera will be less sensitive to light. As a result, you get better resolution (less grainy) but as a trade off, with a low ISO number you'll get a dimmer image if you use the same shutter speed and no flash.
If there's not too much motion and plenty of light, try a low ISO speed and a low F number in manual mode and use a slightly slower shutter speed than you normally would, to get extra light.

If anyone more experienced than myself has anything to add or correct feel free, but this is what I picked up in optics class last quarter 8)
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Are you talking about pictures you have taken and are viewing on your computer monitor or have printed? My M700 gives sharp, clear pictures and I use auto 98% of the time. I have made several 8x10 enlargements and there is no hint of grain. I keep ISO set to "auto 200."
If you're talking about the appearance in the camera viewer, yes, pics look grainy but that's a limitation of the viewer, not the actual image. Download your pics into your computer and view them on a good monitor - I'm sure you'll be pleased with the quality.
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